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Mt Olympus 


Mt Olympus is named for the 2096 metre (6880 foot) peak that stands over the ski area.  Below it, the four high-capacity rope tows access 60 hectares of skiable terrain with plenty more available within a short hike from the lifts.

The ski area is set in a high, south-facing basin, shaped a bit like a baseball mitt.  This is an ideal aspect for catching the big southerly powder dumps that give the Canterbury region its reputation for having the biggest and most consistent annual snowfall in New Zealand - over 4.5 metres (that's nearly 15 feet)! 

Combine this with high, bluffed ridges to the north, west and east and 
Mt Olympus is well protected from the prevailing westerly and north-west winds.  This means we hold our snow while other ski areas get stripped.

our mode of transport for here is a 4wd Toyota Fortuner 4seater   or 4wd  diesel hiace 11 seater .

we have a small goods trailer for this mountain . we will combine if required with other clubfields so check or leave a spare day for flights